In the world of cosmetics, getting “fillers” refers to a procedure whereby a material is injected into certain parts of your face to create a fullness and/or lift of skin and underlying soft tissue. The goal is to create a more youthful, yet natural appearance.   When it comes to getting cosmetic fillers, here are some important considerations that may run through your mind:



Are cosmetic fillers the right treatment for me?


An amazing result starts with a careful discussion between you and your doctor. An expert injector will listen carefully and educate you on an individualized plan of injection that specifically suits the shape and contour of your facial structures. Understanding your objectives and guiding you to realistic expectations and contraindications/side effects are a vital part of every successful cosmetic consultation


Is this procedure safe?


Every procedure has its risk, however low that possibility may be. Trust your face to an expert. Anyone can direct a needle to your face, but a true expert will be aware of potential risks of the procedure, how to reduce them and how to deal with potential complications. A big part of injection safety stems comes from your injector’s understating of facial anatomy; including the location of muscles, fat pad, nerves, and blood vessels. An in-depth knowledge facial anatomy ensures that your injector will know where to inject to get a great result, and also where NOT to inject so as to avoid a poor outcome.  An expert’s actual injection technique will improve your chances of a beautiful result while minimizing your risk of a complication.


What type of filler should I get?


There are many cosmetic injectable products on the market today and every physician will have their personal preferences. An expert injector, however, will be knowledgeable about the material they are injecting into your face and the best choice for your personal treatment plan. For example; some fillers are more permanent, some are reversible, certain products are best suited to specific parts of the face and will produce a more desirable overall result etc. Stick to an expert who is knowledgeable about what is best suited for your specific cosmetic needs. Proper product selection for a given area is a crucial pre-requisite for a fantastic result.


Where should I get my cosmetic filler injection done?


A truly skilled injector can study your individual facial contours and with their knowledge of anatomy, understanding of the filler material and skilled eye for aesthetic artistry, create a beautiful, naturally pleasing result. One reason why dermatologists and plastic surgeons are recognized as experts in performing this procedure is that their basic training includes understanding facial anatomy and mastering principles for reconstructing facial structures, giving them an “eye” for how to best rejuvenate the face.   Cosmetic fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments but remember, do your research, ask questions and don’t just consider the price, but rather the expertise, patient care and reputation of your injector.


Seek the expertise of a knowledgeable physician who can educate you as the right treatment option for you. Your provider will then apply their artistry to give you a safe and successful cosmetic filler treatment!


My best anti-aging skin secret is always; hydrate, nourish yourself and consistently, wear a minimum 30SPF to protect yourself from sun damage.


Until next time,


Dr. Muba Taher